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Aero earning his first Champion points at the 2017 TVKC Show in Knoxville November 5th, 2017! 

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Welcome to Hells Hollow Huskies!  We are small family dedicated to raising top quality huskies that are destined to become a wonderful addition to your family. As beautiful and loving as these babies are, please make sure you do your background research on Siberians before you purchase one.  They are NOT the perfect dog for everyone.  We have included TONS of valuable and anecdotal information regarding this breed on our website, and we hope you find it helpful. A lot of the info located within these pages are from our own experiences.  The website is fairly easy to navigate - although my husband often laments on how big it is. The answers to almost all the commonly asked questions we have are located within the web pages.  

If you don't like reading - check out our FAQ's page.

*Warning* I have a sarcastic sense of humor and I use it freely.  So settle down in your comfy chair and happy reading! 

*We LOVE to see our babies grow up!  Emails, phone calls, and pictures are always welcome!

Kash & Aero earning their BCAT suffix title in Gray, TN May 20th, 2018

We are located in the mountains of North Georgia near the Tennessee & North Carolina state lines on 23 acres that back USFS property.  All of our family members are pets first and foremost.  Everyone is updated on their shots and see their veterinarian regularly.  We strive to breed good quality huskies.  Everyone here is socialized with children and other humans.  WE DO NOT BREED FOR EYE COLOR! All eye color combinations are recognized by both the AKC and CKC, and do NOT determine the personality of your pet.
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